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Planning to travel Abroad for your Treatment ? You're at Right Destination to explore the best Doctors in India from th Top Hospitals in India. Or else start with asking your medical query here, we'll right with you to guide the best plan for treatment


The Process for treatments in India start with a simple step, just select the treatment you want , get instant estimates, send your medical reports to get close estimate , get VIL from us & fly to India , we're waiting for you on India's airport for pickup ready with hotel stay and your desired doctor's appointment.

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It's true that medical services are offered all around the world, but, why is it that the best ones stand out? It's because of their credibility and long-term satisfaction. We, at HealthRight, firmly believe in assisting our patients in the most sensitive, comforting and result oriented manner. Our approach has always been patient-centric, and we make sure that every visitor traveling overseas to avail quality medical care returns home recovered and satisfied. Our assistance starts by understanding the problem of the patient, analyzing the current status and treatment options, and then offering our advice related to the best course of action. Your case is scientifically analyzed by our distinguished panel of doctors with over 150 years of combined experience.

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Our idea of guiding you involves a well-planned path where you are empowered with the most reliable and well-researched information. We help you make correct informed decisions regarding your medical treatments and your travel overseas which includes details about various diseases and the possible treatments, doctor & hospital profiles and comparisons, health calculators, treatment packages, treatment cost estimator, testimonials and ratings of patients having undergone the same treatment, articles and news related to your condition and much more. Not only do we assist you in making an informed selection of the right hospital-doctor combination for your specific case at the lowest cost, but we also provide on-site support at every step of your journey. A personal patient care attendant is assigned to you who apart from fixing appointments, getting free second opinions, negotiating for lowest prices, facilitating visa and other services such as international and domestic travel, lodging, interpreter services, food preferences, pastoral services, SIM card, Foreign Exchange services, sightseeing, shopping and much more.

Our relationship does not get over after we bid goodbye to the patients as we are always available to the patients even after their safe return and can arrange video/telephonic consultation with the treating doctor even after some months of returning home.